Ujina Takezo

Hare Samurai, Future Emerald Magistrate played by L.G. V.


Insight Rank: 1 Insight: 126

Clan: Ujina Family of the Hare

School:Usagi Bushi

Initiative of 5k4 armor tn of 29

Honor: 4.0 Glory: 1.0 Status: 1.0 Shadowland Taint: 0.0
Earth 2
Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Air 2
Reflexes 4 Awerness 2
Water 2
Strength 2 Perception 2
Fire 3
Agility 3 Intelligence 3
Void 2
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Sai 8k3 4k3 Small, Dual Wield at -5/-0, Gain Insight Rank to TN to be hit
Han-Kyu: Willow Leaf 5k4 3k2 Range: 100’, +10 TN if fired from Horseback
Han-Kyu: Armor Piercing 5k4 2k1 Range: 100’, +10 TN if fired from Horseback, Ignore Opponent’s TN from Armor
Han-Kyu: Willow Leaf 5k4 3k3 Range: 50’, +10 TN if fired from Horseback, Double Opponent’s TN from Armor
Katana 4k3 5k2 Samurai, Medium, May spend 1 Void point +1k1 to damage
Wakazashi 4k3 4k2 Samurai, Medium, May throw up to 20 feet
Armor TN Bonus Reduction Notes
Ashigaru +3 1
TN to be Hit Armor Bonus Other Bonus Total
25 (Reflexes*5 + 5) +3 +1 (Dual Wield) 28 or 29
School Name Effect
Ujina Tontojutsu +1 Free Raise on all special maneuvers & +1k1 on Damage Rolls when using Knives.


Skill Rank Atribute Emphasis
Athletics 3 Strength Running, Throwing
Lore: Kolot 1 Intelligence
Hunting 1 Perception
Jiujutsu 1 Agility
Knives 5 Agility
Kenjutsu 1 Agility
Defense 1 Reflexes
Lore: Law 1 Intelligence
Investigation 1 Perception
Kyujutsu 1 Reflexes
Wound Level Total Penalty
Healthy 10 +0
Nicked 14 +03
Grazed 18 +05
Hurt 22 +10
Injured 26 +15
Crippled 30 +40
Down 34 +40
Out 38
Mechanic Ability
Knives Off hand penalty does not apply when using a knife
Knives Use of Jitte or Sai confers One free raise for the Disarm Manuver
Athletics No Penalty to move across Moderate Terrain, -1 Water for movement over Difficult Terrain
Advantage Cost Mechanic
Tsi crafted Sai (2) 3 1k2 DR, Deal full damage when used to disarm
Touch of the Spirit Realms – Yume-do 5 Only requires 4hrs. of sleep to regain Void Points
Disadvantage Cost Mechanic
Bitter Betrothal 2 The Spouse you have been promised to, despises you
Dependent – Wife 3 Fairly independent
Seven Fortune’s Curse – Daikoku’s Curse 3 -1k1 on all Commerce rolls
Ascetic 2 Gains Glory at half rate

More to Come.

Ujina Takezo

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