Soshi Kojiko

Mel's Scorpion and the Topaz Champion


Tall and broad of shoulder, with red hair and brown eyes like his father, Moto Nergui.


The midwife emerged from Damiyo Soshi Mika’s chambers with a triumphant smile. “Our beloved Soshi-Dono has a son!” she announced. Soft clapping and a chorus of excited whispers greeted this news from the friends, family, and courtiers assembled. Many of the closer (or braver) friends clapped Soshi Nergui on the back. The big Mongol couldn’t repress his joyful grin. He made his way over to the midwife, his bulky form easily cutting a path through the crowd.
“What of our beloved Damiyo? I wish to see my wife and son,” he declared, his exotic accent sounding awkward and alien to the midwife.
“She is well, but she needs rest,” she replied, kowtowing respectfully.
Nergui smiled, stepping around her and entering the bedchamber he shared with his wife.
Soshi Mika lay on their bed, propped up by many pillows, nursing their newborn son. She smiled at him and shifted so he could more easily see the babe. Nergui sat on the edge of the bed, gazing at them both adoringly.
“Once again, Mika-Sama, you manage to surprise me. It’s been but a single turn of the water clock!” He reached over and gingerly took one of the baby’s hands with his first finger. “You are both perfection personified.”
Mika smiled, blushing slightly.
(fast forward 10 years or so)
“The child requires a name!” Soshi Mika declared as she stormed into the horse barn she had had built for Nergui upon his arrival.
Nergui, caught completely by surprise by her sudden anger, put down the currying brush and handed his horse’s reigns to their son, little Sumairi. He made a silent shooing gesture, and both horse and boy quickly made themselves scarce.
He turned to face his wife’s infamous temper, only to find her leaning against the doorframe, laughing silently. He sighed in resignation. “One day, Wife, your antics will be my death!” he grumbled at her. This only made her laugh even harder.
Once she had regained control of herself, she straightened and addressed him in a more serious manner. “Truly, we must discuss the boy’s name. Already Sumairi makes a legend of himself, making friends of his would-be enemies and breaking the hearts of every girl he meets.”
“We should give him a name equal to the legend he shall one day be,” his father agreed proudly. “Your grandmother was one of the Seven Thunders. We could choose to name him after one of them,” he suggested.
Mika nodded, smiling. This had been her intent all along. “One of Grandmother’s friends was named Kojiko.”
“Then we shall name him Kojiko,” Nergui declared proudly.

Soshi Kojiko

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