Matsu Jun

Lion Scion - played by Kevin


Insight Rank: 1 Insight: 126

Clan: Lion, Matsu Family

School: Matsu Berserker

Initiative of 4k3 armor tn of 25 or 26

Honor: 7 (8) Glory: 1.7 Status: 1.0 Shadowland Taint: 0.0
Earth 2
Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Air 2
Reflexes 3 Awerness 2
Water 3
Strength 4 Perception 3
Fire 2
Agility 3 Intelligence 2
Void 2
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Akodo Katana 8k3 9k2+8 Samurai, Medium, May spend 1 Void point +1k1 to damage, +1 Honor when carried
Wakazashi 8k3 7k2+8 Samurai, Medium, May throw up to 20 feet
Warfan 6k3 5k1+8 Small, May use Battle skill to communicate commands, Dual Wield -5/-0
Han-Kyu: Willow Leaf 4k3 3k2+8 Range: 100’, +10 TN if fired from Horseback
Han-Kyu: Armor Piercing 4k3 2k1+8 Range: 100’, +10 TN if fired from Horseback, Ignore Opponent’s TN from Armor
Han-Kyu: Willow Leaf 4k3 3k3+8 Range: 50’, +10 TN if fired from Horseback, Double Opponent’s TN from Armor
Armor TN Bonus Reduction Notes
Light Armor +5 3 +5 TN Stealth and Athletics
TN to be Hit Armor Bonus Other Bonus Total
20 (Reflexes *5 + 5) +5 +1 (Dual Wield) 25 or 26
School Name Effect
The Lion’s Roar You may add your honor to all damage rolls. When you assume the Full Attack Stance you may move an additional 5 ft per turn.


Skill Rank Atribute Emphasis
Lore: History 1 Intelligence
Kenjutsu 5 Agility Katana
War fan 3 Agility
Kyujutusu 1 Reflexes
Iaijutusu 1 Reflexes
Battle 1 Perception
Defense 1 Reflexes
Hunting 1 Perception
Courtier 1 Awareness
Etiquette 1 Awareness
Wound Level Total Penalty
Healthy 10 +0
Nicked 14 +03
Grazed 18 +05
Hurt 22 +10
Injured 26 +15
Crippled 30 +20
Down 34 +40
Out 38
Mechanic Ability
Kenjutsu Add +1k0 on all damage rolls with sword
Kenjutsu May ready a sword as a free action instead of a simple action
War Fan You do not suffer off hand penalty for dual wielding
Dual Wielding Add insight rank to TN to be hit
Advantage Cost Mechanic
Child of Chikushudo 7 Legendary Healing: 2k1 Heal: 1 time per skirmish as a complex action
Kharmic Tie – Asahina Jun 1 Once a game session, gain a +1k1 bonus when protecting Kharmic Tie
Sacred Weapon 6 Akodo Blade: 4k2 Katana, +1 Honor when carried
Disadvantage Cost Mechanic
Brash 4 If you are threatened of insulted, make a Willpower roll (+honor) vs. TN 25 or attack immediately
Sworn Enemy – Kharmic Tie – Daigotsu Yu 5 May not spend Void Points against this opponent.
Compulsion – Hunting 2 When opportunity presents itself, Willpower roll vs. TN 15 to avoid temptation
Idealistic 3 If you would lose Honor, lose an extra point
Child of Chikushudo – Base Instinct 0* One time per week, must allow your animal nature out. If another witnesses this display, you lose 6 Glory


Light Armor
Sturdy Clothes
Travel Pack

1b: Matsu Jiro ~ Kitsune Shapechanger
1a: Matsu Jiro ~ Matsu Lien (Marriage)
2a: Akodo Ru (Male Bushi), Ikoma Siyu (Male Courtier) & 2b Matsu Oki (Female Beastmaster)
3b: Matsu Jun raised by grandmother Lien

Matsu Jiro had an encounter with a Kitsune Shapechanger.
From this union came Matsu Oki, whom he raised as a child of his. Oki went to the Beastmaster school. Sometime between battles she gave birth to Matsu Jun.

Matsu Jun and Asahina Jun were born the same day. When Oki died, her little girl was raised by Matsu Jiro’s wife, Lien. When Lien passed away, Jun went to live in Toshi Ranbo with her Crane Cousins.

Matsu Jun

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