The Bloodswords

Tainted Swords of Doom

weapon (melee)

Evil. Twists any who willingly uses them into hideously tainted versions of themselves. The bloodswords were created by Asahina Yajinden in 508 and have only recently been reforged. 3 of the four swords are on the loose, one having been destroyed by Mirumoto Shinjii the current four surviving blood swords are,

Vengance, Wielded by a nameless bandit with an axe to grind with Matsu Jiro.

Ambition, wielded by Otomo Daichi a former imperial bureaucrat who attempted to assassinate the Empress.

Passion, wielded by Mirumoto Rai a former dragon duelist who fell slave to the twisting power of the sword. and a personal insult to members of the dragon clan like Mirumoto Shinjii or Tamori Etsume Kimiko.

The fourth one, Judgement was destroyed, after its weilder, a cruel shugenja, was slain during the new years celebration.

these three men are currently under control of Doji Ryu,and his cursed sword of fu leng.

The Bloodswords

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