Shiba Raiden

Joes character, a hideously ugly phoenix clan warrrior



earth 2
water 3
strength 5
void 2
air 2
fire 2
agility 6


defense 1
kenjutsu 3
kyujutsu 1
meditation 1
spears 1
theology 1
heavy weapons 7 emphases tetsubo
honor 8
glory 6
status 1

When he was 18 he had been born into the clan of the phoenix and taken into the school of Shiba Bushi. He was trained as a Shibabushi to believe in the Tal of Shinsei. During his first year of training the clan wars were waged. He was sent to a mountain pass to go through a suicide mission with his fellow phoenix clan members to eliminate the dragon forces. Shortly after arrival, he knew it would be certain death to charge into battle. What else was he to do though? While charging into battle with his comrades the dragon forces shot spells, one after the other, destroying the phoenix as though they were dried bamboo dummies. Raiden fought until he could no longer hold his sword, he collapsed after taking a blow to the face by an envious flames spell. When he awoke he had been scared from the spell and mentally destroyed by the devastation of his friends laying next to him chard and bloody. He turned his back to his Isawa rulers of the clan and avoided the clan itself as much as possible. He tried to hide his scares by wearing a straw hat that shaded half of his face. He always walks with his head lowered to shade the rest of his face. He faded his red robes to show his disapproval of the clans decisions. He altered his symbols on his robe to have his families symbol closer to his heart to show his love for his family rather than his school. He has turned against the Tal of Shinsei completely and is trying to find his own beliefs through his journeys.

Through his journeys he had been inducted into the Emerald Magistrates along with 9 others. They have orders to proven Fu-Leng from returning and destroying the world. We have obtained The Sword of Hantei
which will allow us to kill Fu-Leng if we fail to stop his return.

Shiba Raiden

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