Asahina Hiroshi

Pat's charcter



earth ring 2
water ring 3
strength 3
void 2
air 3
reflexes 4
fire 3
agility 4


Battle 2
Defense 2
Iaijutsu 7
Kenjutsu 5 emphases katana
Kyujutsu 1
Heavy Weapons 3
Engineering 2
9.5 honor
5 glory
1 status


With the death of Doji Ryu at the hands of Mirumoto Shinji Asahina Hiroshi hoped to settle down, however he realized he had one piece of unfinished business, when his good friend Matsu Jiro challenged him to a duel,residing around his controversial use of gunpowder, and the terms being to first blood, and that neither party ever speak of it again. The duel was solved one month later on the second day of the new year, and several weeks later was married to the sister of Matsu Jiro strengthening the relationship of the two clans, two years later when his companions called him for the war against the destroyers he went and fought, and met his peace there. He was buried peacefully in Asahina Kyuden, his grave is still visited occasionally by engineers and duelists.

Asahina Hiroshi

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