Mirumoto Shinji

Chris's character. He doesnt get cool stuff



Earth 3
Water 2
Strength 3
Void 2
Fire 3
Agility 5
Air 3


defense 1
Iaijustu 1
Kenjutsu 10 emphases Katana Wakizashi
Lore: Shugenja 1
Meditation 1
Lore: Theology 1
Kyujutsu 1
Horsemanship 4
Athletics 3
honor 5.5
glory 4

Mirumoto Shinji earned his clan much honor in ending the threat of Doji Ryu he earned enough glory and fame, to make up for the fact that he had the manners of a boar in the eyes of an imperial matchmaker, and ended up wed to an Otomo sister of the empress,after having children of his own, he legitimized his son by a kitsune. Then opened a school of tactical thought, and was a sensei until the smell of war called the Weapon-Master to the Shadowlands, he fought the destroyers and died in the last battle of the war, shortly before Hida Hiroshi Endo.His ashes were buried near his school, and students who practice there claim to feel his presence more often then not. In case you didn’t read the tagline. Chris does not get cool stuff.

Mirumoto Shinji

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