Mirumoto Tetsuyari

Dragon Scion of Fate (Played by Chris)


Insight Rank: 1 Insight: 119

Clan: Mirumoto Family of the Dragon

School: Mirumoto Bushi

Initiative of 3k2 armor tn of 22

Honor: 4.5 Glory: 1.0 Status: 1.0 Shadowland Taint: 0.0
Earth 2
Stamina 3 Willpower 2
Air 2
Reflexes 2 Awerness 2
Water 2
Strength 3 Perception 2
Fire 2
Agility 3 Intelligence 2
Void 2
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Yari 9k4 6k3 Medium, May throw up to 30 feet, 2k2 dmg thrown, -2 Reduction
Katana 10k4 7k2 Samurai, Medium, May spend 1 Void point +1k1 to damage
Wakazashi 10k4 6k2 Samurai, Medium, May throw up to 20 feet
Armor TN Bonus Reduction Notes
Light Armor +5 3 +5 TN Stealth and Athletics
TN to be Hit Armor Bonus Other Bonus Total
15 (Reflexes*5 + 5) +5 +2 (Dual Wield and School) 22
School Name Effect
The Way of the Dragon When wielding a Katana and Wakazashi, you suffer no penalties of any kind when dual wielding. You may add your School rank to TN to be hit. You may raise or lower the TN of a spell that targets you by 5


Skill Rank Atribute Emphasis
Kenjutsu * 4 Agility Katana
Spears * 3 Agility
Defense 1 Reflexes
Iaijutsu 3 Reflexes
Lore: Shugenja 1 Intelligence
Lore: Theology 1 Intelligence
Meditation 1 Void
Athletics 1 Strength
Investigation 1 Perception
Etiquette 2 Awareness
Artisan: Tattooing 1 Intelligence
Wound Level Total Penalty
Healthy 10 +0
Nicked 14 +03
Grazed 18 +05
Hurt 22 +10
Injured 26 +15
Crippled 30 +20
Down 34 +40
Out 38
Mechanic Ability
Kenjutsu Add +1k0 on all damage rolls with sword
Iajutsu May draw katana as a free action
Spears First round, may ignore 3 points of Reduction with a Melee attack
Dual Wielding Add insight rank to TN to be hit
Advantage Cost Mechanic
Ancestor – Mirumoto 9 See Notes Below
Paragon – Curtesy 7 +2k0 on Etiquette to avoid embarrassment or breach of honor
Great Destiny 5 Once per game if wounds drop to 0, it is 1 instead
Sacred Weapon – Kaiu Spear 3 3k3 Yari, unbreakable, -2 to target’s Reduction

Ancestor – Mirumoto: The spirit of one of the first Dragon Samurai and creator of the Niten style of combat watches over you. He grants you a +1k1 on all Agility based skills. Skills marked with a * are granted a +3k1 instead

Disadvantage Cost Mechanic
Disturbing Countenance 3 The TN of all Social Skill Rolls are +5
Bad Fortune – Disfigurement 4 Discoloration of the face, people stay away from you.
Antisocial 4 -1k1 on all Social Rolls

Ancestor – Mirumoto: Mirumoto expects his descendents to follow his tradition of victory and to carry out his rivalry with Kakita. If you ever issue a challange and then loose the duel, Mirumoto will abandon you. He will also leave if you refuse a duel with someone trained in the Kakita Bushi School. He will not abandon you if you loose a duel that was forced upon you unless it was a duel against a Kakita. (Loss of Ancestor means loss of bonus)


Tetsuyari is marked with a mixture of fortune.

When he was three, one of his older brothers died with his father in an avalanche. Tetsuyari was so upset he ran out into the snow storm. By the time the monk that lived on his family’s estate found him, half of his face had been subjected to frostbite.

Now Tetsuyari’s face was forever discolored. A darker left side from jawline to hair line, from ear to eye, forever marks the samurai. It is in this that Tesuyari has always caused people great discomfort in people. That and the way he looks at everyone as if they are an enemy.

His mother taught him to view every room as a battlefield, that every person can become an enemy, and that most of all a samurai must rely on his weapons, his honor, and his duty to be worth anything.

Tetsuyari has also been blessed with great gifts. The spirit of Mirumoto, one of the two greatest duelist, resides in him. Mirumoto encourages, instructs, and watches over Tesuyari. He has also inherited his mother’s spear from her days as a Hiruma Scout. The blade was forged by a Kaiu and has strength not often found in such weapons. Tetsuryari is it’s name as well.

Mirumoto Tetsuyari has been tasked with a burden from the heavens. He has been learning skills not taught in the sacred dojo of the Dragon. The spirits have a calling for Tetsuyari. He only hopes he is as strong as his namesake.

Mother would expect nothing less.

Grandfather – Mirumoto Shinji.
Father – Mirumoto Tengu (deceased)
Mother – (Hiruma) Lin (retired)
Oldest Brother – Mirumoto Chung-Ho (7 years senior, studied with the Crab)
Older Brother – Mirumoto Shiji (6 years senior, deceased)
Older Sister – Mirumoto Mingyu (3 years senior, Kitsuki Courtier)

Mirumoto Tetsuyari

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