Hida Hiroshi Endo

Teds Character, a tainted crab clan



Earth 3
Water 3
strength 4
void 2
Air 3
Agility 4
h1. Skills
athletics 1
defense 1
heavy weapons 5 Emphases Tetsubo
intimidation 1
Kenjutsu 4 Emphases Katana
Lore: Shadowland 1
Horsemanship 1
Shadowlands Taint: .5

Hida Hiroshi Endo was cured of the shadowlands taint, and found himself confused, he had not intended to ever be human again, and yet he was, he fought for many more years on the wall, becoming an inspiration, and a heroic tutor to many a young samurai diplomats, before the destroyer war, when he was the first of the eight to enter the battle, and the last one to die in the war. His ashes are enshrined in Kyuuden Hida, with his legendary Cleansed Tetsubo above it, and inscribed on a worn plaque at the base are the words “We Are The Wall”, many a young Hida chosen to be a diplomat has stopped and asked Endo to lend them some of his legendary diplomatic ideals, and his tremendous strength.

Hida Hiroshi Endo

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