Akodo Koji

Lecherous lion, Steves character



Earth 2
Water 3
Void 2
Air 3
Fire 3
Agility 4


battle 3 emphases mass battle
defense 8
kenjutsu 7 emphases katana
kyujutsu 1
lore history 1
Iaijutsu 4
meditiation 2
etiquette 2
temptation 2

Akodo Koji succeeded in his attempts to marry into the imperial family, and rumor has it he kept his hands to himself until his wife’s death at a young age, at which point he as one of the eight to survive into his middle age, wandered Rokugan visiting many women in many towns, and if legends are true, learned the art of the Kenku Swordsage, rumors say in addition to the few he had while still a young man, his travels led to 10 more children of indiscretion, the strangest rumor is that he in what would be his 60’s still wanders the empire, fighting any fool enough to challenge him, or to offend a woman in his presence.

Akodo Koji

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