May You Forever Live in Interesting Times

The Story So Far

for those of you who have missed 90 percent of the game

The story so far is thus, several samurai,On their way to a journey to promote peace, discovered the legendary daisho set, given as a gift to the Damiyo of the castle they were sleeping at had been stolen. They set out to right this wrong and discovered the person who stole it, had shattered the sword, they discovered the blade was supposedly cursed, and that the man who had originally sent it, could not ask for it back without offending the Damiyo, the party had it repaired only to discover a Gaki-Do, or hungry spirit, was inhabiting the blade, after successfully defeating it, and receiving the Daisho as a gift, continued the journey. To promote peace at a place called pale oak castle, a so called tournament of the samurai, was held; the tournament was for more of an artistic bent, and only one Asahina Hiroshi participated. The festivities were cut short, when a dragon clan bushi, Mirumoto Rai was accused of murdering the damiyo, however due do clever work by Tamori Etsume Kimiko and trailing by Shiba Raiden the true killer was discovered. They continued the adventure and discovered a group of crab clan samurai,who’s weapons had been stolen by thieves operating from a geisha house, one party member in party member in particular, Hida Hiroshi Endo, knew this wrong had to be righted. with his own unique way of infiltrating the geisha house Akodo Koji helped the rest of the party enter, where they discovered a group of foreigners from the burning sands, working to steal and dishonor the crab under the orders of Doji Ryu, next in line to be Damiyo of the city. As they confronted him about it, he challenged Tamori Etsume Kimiko to a duel; the duel ended with Doji Ryu not only losing, but attempting to murder Asahina Hiroshi Doji Ryu was declared ronin, and fled the crane lands, swearing revenge on the whole party. Before departing the crane city, the party discovered a bizarre priest at the local temple, who seemed to be attuned to all five elements, and who was the uncle of Mirumoto Shinjii, the priest then prophecized “And darkness shall be reforged on the Anvil of Despair.”. After this bizarre and frightening encounter the party went south to help the crab clan participate in a legendary twenty goblin winter. There they encountered a group of tainted smugglers, who were smuggling a mysterious artifact north to dragon clan lands. There the party encountered Asahina Yajinden the cursed crane, and none other than Doji Ryu. They learned that The Bloodswords had been reforged and that soon with the Anvil of Despair even darker artifacts would be reforged. the party fought them to a standstill ending with Doji Ryu’s defeat, and his retreat. Shortly thereafter, performing magisterial duties for the empress such as escorting the corpse of a unicorn damiyo to his homeland, with help from Soshi Akima and Tamori Tamaia Yamaguchi they discovered a monk group, known as The Demon Stompers who knew what was being planned, and upon arriving at the funeral party, recognized a familiar face Mirumoto Rai who dueled a famous Shadowed Heart Duelist, over a women, then proceeded to nearly kill her. They discovered as he fled, he’d fallen victim to The Bloodswords Passion, and had fallen to the taint, becoming one of the Lost. The samurai adventured north deep into dragon lands to the monastery of The Demon Stompers. The Demon Stompers told them that the Anvil of Despair was going to be used to reforge the cursed sword of fu leng, and the only way to stop was after the first heavy winter snows, was to travel south to the resting place of the first emperor, and retrieve both the sword of fu leng, and The Sword of Hantei. As they traveled south, they recieved a letter from Matsu Jiros grandfather, a famous damiyo; That he had been grievously injured by a group of bandits, Matsu Jiro and the rest of the party went south, fought a large number of bandits, and slew all but one, the one who later wields one of The Bloodswords, Matsu Jiro returned to his grandfathers fortress, and was named his sole heir, inheriting his vast lands, and noble title. Matsu Jiro left a steward in charge and continued with the party to the tomb of hantei, where they discovered the sword of fu leng already stolen, and the sword of hantei broken with a quick rush back to the demon stompers they asked to have the sword reforged, which the demon stompers admitted would take time. The party then spent time, securing lodgings for the empresses winter court, and at the end of spring, discovering that Otomo Daichi, had betrayed the empress and had raised an army to seize the empire. The party quickly raised an army of their own, and routed the offensive force but unfortunately he escaped. The party has since retrieved the reforged sword of hantei, and begun to gather their forces for a final battle against Doji Ryu at the wall, that will decide the fate of the empire.


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