May You Forever Live in Interesting Times

The Endgame and fate of surviving characters

For those of you who have forgotten, or those who were not here

At the end of the previous game there was a great confrontation, between the armies of Mirumoto Shinjii and the forces of Doji Ryu now the avatar of Fu Leng, this battle raged and ended with the death of Doji Ryu. and the defeat of his forces, Asahina Yanjinden found his heart, and the anvil of despair destroyed. After this battle the heroes went their separate ways, maintaining contact only when possible. Akodo Koji Successfully married into the imperial family, his wife watched him closely for the rest of her days, its a commonly repeated piece of rumor that he has around a dozen “Children of Indiscretion”, and was still remembered as a hero. There are legends that he still wanders the earth, traveling with the kenku who sought to teach him a lesson. Asahina Hiroshi was remembered as a great duelist and honorable samurai, the only one who dared argue this was his close friend Matsu Jiro who finally challenged him to a duel over his actions on the day of the battle, Matsu Jiro lost the duel, however in maintaining their friendship Asahina Hiroshi married the sister of Matsu Jiro, and Matsu Jiro married Asahina Hiroshi’s sister. Matsu Jiro legitimized his son born of a kitsune, and had three more children by marriage, he spent his years as damiyo improving the lives of his peasants, and supporting the crab on the wall. Shiba Raiden compiled a variety of his notes and art into a book known as The Rose of Fates, which was mainly a companion to the Tao Of Shinsei, this work was added to the library of every major clan. Hida Hiroshi Endo was cured of The Shadowlands Taint, and became a shining example of a crab warrior, married a Crane bride, and overall became legendary among the crab, and those who follow his example for every action he ever undertook. Mirumoto Shinjii Married his way into even greater glory after marrying a sister of the empress he always claimed was “The Most Beautiful” he too legitimized the son of the kitsune, and had children with his imperial bride, he opened a school of tactical combat and became known as the master of all weapons. Tamori Etsume Kimiko got her way as usual and married into the scorpion clan, she retired to a castle on the border of the scorpion lands, she is still alive today, still known for her distaste of social functions, and her skill with the art of the shugenja. Of these legend Matsu Jiro, Shiba Raiden, Hida Hiroshi Endo, and Mirumoto Shinjii all died fighting the destroyer wars, were these great legends first met, there now stands a shrine to them, this is where the second campaign will begin, with many of these samurai encountering each other for the first time a legend of Rokugan was first forged.


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