May You Forever Live in Interesting Times

Meeting at the Shrine

The game starts

The many different samurai gathered at the shrine of the Eight Heroes.
There they met Otomo Miyako who was assigned to jouney to a Crane villiage and lend aid to the Doji governer there.

A group of Ronin had taken up residence in the Willow District and were causing trouble. There was other difficulties, but the letter the blind shugenja carried did not share that information.

Along the way the band of samurai started to learn of each other. The cousins Matsu Jun and Asahina Jun learned of another of their family line, distant cousin Utaku Khabob. The Ronin Kento shared a discusion of the Mirumoto style of combat with Mirumoto Tetsuyari. The young shugenja Shoshi Mika and Miyako started what seemed to be a tentative friendship. While the minor clan samurai Ujina Takezo, the Mantis samurai Moshi Osano-Wo, and the Man-at-Arms Tokagure Haruki often kept watch of the suroundings.

And it was well they did, for a day’s travel outside of the Crane city, these travelers were waylaid by Ronin Bandits. After a fierce battle, one was captured by Moshi Osano-Wo, the quiet Mantis.

This Ronin by the name of Tatami, surrendered his blades to Tetsuyari-san and awaits judgement to be placed on him by Osano-Wo-san. Untill that time, he has been expected to guard Mika-san.
He is to do so unarmed, untill which time he can be trusted.

With the bodies of the Ronin cremated, their swords saved so that they can be returned to their families or donated to a temple, the group set camp to rest and heal.

What mysteries are in the city?
What troubles face this group?
Can a band of samurai from such many different clans work together or will old grievences tear them apart?


Dawn greeted the Shrine of the Ancestors as the first of the day’s visitors arrived. Statues errected to the Seven Thunders bore witness to their decendants. Before the statue of Asahina Hiroshi knelt Asahina Jun, across the shrine the statue of Matsu Jiro stood as if challanging Hiroshi-san to yet another duel and at his feet was his granddaughter Matsu Jun. the effigies of Hida Hiroshi Endo and Mirumoto Shinji were host to Utaku Khabob and Mirumoto Tetsuyari. Shiba Raiden stood proudly before his grandson Moshi Osana-Wo quill in hand ready to inscribe the next adventure. Only the shrines of Akodo Koji, and Tamori Etsume Kimiko stood empty. It was to this assembly that Otomo Miyako and her retainers were introduced Miyako’s hand maiden Quill Her Yojimbo a Ronin by the name of Kento Who bore a Striking resemblance to Akodo Koji and the Samurai Tokagure Haruki and Ujina Takezo. Also in her retinue was a young Shugenja named Soshi Mika. Otomo Miyako informed all who were present that they had been recruited by their clans to accompany her to Lonely Shore City and lend aid to the Doji Governor who resided there. Before this new party could begin the journey they would need to be united in will and action so Otomo Miyako asked the blessings of the Kami and the Ancestors upon them and she dubbed the group The Scions of the Shrine.

Meeting at the Shrine
Bzaj Fleshman

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