May you forever live in interesting Times Part Two:The Footsteps of Giants

Rokugan has changed in the two generations since some of the greatest heroes in its history rose to drive back the evil of Fu Leng, Now these heroes grandchildren must learn as their ancestors did, and deal with constant expectations and comparisons. Always remember there are worse fates then death for a samurai

This page is designed to help with the upcoming L5R campaign being run. This page will show and review the ancestral game, showing a map of the characters current adventures, and certain updated profiles of certain still living NPCs. In addition i will regularly update the adventure log, so if you miss a couple weeks, just check here to get an idea of what the parties doing, I’ll also put up descriptions of magic items, and everyone should feel free to add to the wiki. This page will include among other things

*bios for important npcs
*a list of important places the characters have visited
*family trees for the characters in the descendant game

May You Forever Live in Interesting Times

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